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Environmental and Sanitary Engineering is the science that seeks to balance the effects of anthropic activities on the ecosystem. The course develops skills for the analysis and application of technologies beneficial to the protection of the environment, through preservation and conservation techniques. Thus, it makes the diagnosis, evaluation and prevention of air, soil or water pollution. Projects, builds and manages water collection and distribution systems, sewage collection and treatment, disposal or recycling of solid waste.
The objective of the course is to train professionals qualified to observe the environment with an engineer's perspective, using techniques of preservation and conservation of natural resources, acting in the area of ​​basic sanitation and environmental management, generating benefits for the environment and for health and well- being.
He acts both in the design and execution of projects and in the environmental management of companies, industries and public and private institutions. He can work in the area of ​​general sanitation, exercising skills in the fields of urban drainage, transportation and water treatment, collection and treatment of sanitary sewage, solid waste management and management, certification process and environmental licensing, among others.
Selection process for candidates who have completed High School or equivalent. The candidate can hold the college entrance examination on fixed dates or schedule the test at the polo, according to the scheduled dates.

Those who have a university degree can enter as a holder of a diploma, being exempted from the entrance exam.

Candidates who completed the ENEM and reached the average can enroll without the need of the entrance examination.

By analyzing the school record, the student can transfer from another institution.
Disciplina Horas
Algorithm and Programming 80
Educational Technologies in Distance Learning 80
Introduction to Environmental and Sanitary Engineering 80
Introduction to Environmental and Sanitary Engineering 80
Management and Entrepreneurship 80
Environmental and Sanitary Legislation 80
Environmental Planning and Management 80
General and Experimental Chemistry 80
Geology and Soils 80
Reading and Writing 80
Climatology 80
General Ecology and Microbiology 80
Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry 80
Sociology and Ethics for Engineers 80
Theoretical and Experimental Physics I 80
Calculation I 801
Environmental Chemistry 80
Hydrology 80
Technical Drawing 80
Theoretical and Experimental Physics II 80
Basic Sanitation 80
Calculus II 80
Theoretical and Experimental Physics III 80
Topography and Geodesy 80
Transport Phenomena 80
Biochemistry 80
Calculus III 80
General and Experimental Hydraulics 80
Soil Mechanics 80
Strength of Materials 80
Building Construction 80
Physics and Soil and Water Conservation 80
Safety Engineering 80
Statistics for Environmental and Sanitary Engineering 80
Urban Drainage 80
Air Quality 80
Epidemiology and Sanitary Surveillance 80
Hydro-sanitary installations 801
Solid Waste Management 80
Water Supply and Treatment System 80
Collection, Transport and Treatment of Wastewater 80
Georeferencing 80
Planning and Modeling of Environmental Systems 80
Scientific and Technological Methodology 80
TGI-I 40
Complementary Activities 160
Pounds - Optional 80
Recovery of Degraded Areas and Environmental Monitoring 80
Special Topics 80
Supervised Internship 160
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